Review: Camera FX offers more than 100 filters for your photos

Change the filter and take photos in a number of styles on your iPhone.

Camera FX is a photo filtering app with a number of options to choose from before you take a photo. The list of filters is extensive, allowing you to adjust how any photo you take looks in real time. The addition of post-shot editing tools would have made the app that much more useful; but as it is, it works very well.

When you open Camera FX you can snap and share a photo or you can load one of the many photo filters from the list. There are more than 100 listed here, with four on each page. Unfortunately, there is no search or categorization option, so you'll need to sift through them one at a time to find the filter you are looking for. Afterwards you can snap your photo and save it to your device or share it. The one drawback to this is that there is a watermark on any photos you take with the app in its trial, free version. To get rid of the watermark and use the filters without any limitations, you have to pay the upgrade fee.

The interface here is lacking a much-needed search tool, and the lack of editing tools limits how often you will use Camera FX, but as a filtering app it offers a large selection. If you want only the filtering tools and an option to snap in 16:9 or 4:3, this is a great free app. The paid upgrade will become necessary to share most of the photos you take, but it's worth it for the variety.

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