Review: Amazing Icons Pro provides tools to create custom icons on your iPhone

Create various types of icons for your iPhone in a sometimes cluttered interface.

Amazing Icons Pro offers a number of tools to create custom icons on your iPhone. There are issues, however, mostly stemming from the lack of clear direction upfront and the abundance of buttons and options onscreen at any given time. Finding the tools you need, finalizing an icon, and exporting it takes more time and effort than it should in an app like this.

After installation, you can start creating icons right away. The app doesn't provide a tutorial so you'll need to tap around and check out each of the options. There is a demo button that will send you to YouTube to show how certain icons were made, but it doesn't walk you through each individual feature in the app. There are quite a few built-in backgrounds here, as well, along with clip art and other options. They don't look fantastic, but there are enough options in different layouts and styles that you'll likely find something to fit your needs. You can insert your own photos, resize and reorganize your clip art and images, or drag and drop text into the icons, as well. From there, you can then save and share through the app.

With a cluttered interface and no clear direction after installation, and because the app's image quality is not as high as it could be, Amazing Icons Pro falls short in a few areas. The free version is a decent starting place if you want to test the features out, but there are more powerful icon creators for iOS on the App Store that you may want to consider before you upgrade to the paid version.

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