Review: Air Drive allows you to move files and photos between your desktop & iPhone

Connect to your iOS device and move files back and forth with this app.

Air Drive is a file management tool for your iPhone that allows you to connect through a desktop browser and move files or photos back and forth. Because of the limitations of iTunes for file management on an iOS device, this free app is a great tool that, while not as powerful as some other file managers, worked well in all of our tests.

Installation of Air Drive takes only a couple of minutes. Open the app and turn on the server with the switch of an option listed on the homepage and you can connect with the IP address provided in the app. After entering the address on your desktop's Web browser, you can upload files, download photos, or manage your files from this interface. All files you upload will appear in the app and can be moved around or you can grant access to your photo library and download files from there to your desktop, as well, bypassing iPhoto entirely. Transfers were decently fast for the connection speed, and we had no dropped or failed file transfers in our tests.

If you need a free tool that can move files between your iPhone and your desktop PC or Mac, Air Drive is a good option. There are some other free and paid options that offer more advanced file management tools, but for what this app promises and what it manages to provide in the interface, Air Drive is a solid option for your transferring needs.

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