Review: A&B Photo allows you to create digital photo orders directly from iOS

Create and upload digital photo orders and pick up or receive prints in the mail.

A&B Photo offers a number of responsive, intuitive tools for uploading digital photos and ordering prints from your iPhone. While not as feature-rich as some other photo ordering tools, the app works quickly to upload photos, switch between menus, and finalize your order so you can send any images you have to the service in just seconds.

After installation, you must either log in or create a new account with A&B Photo to get started. You can then start uploading or taking new photos to add to your queue. The app allows you to create online albums that can be used to organize your photos for ordering or you can pull directly from your local Photo Library. The latter is a bit slower but allows you to pull any of the images already on your device and send them for printing. After choosing your images, you can immediately upload them, choose which size prints you want for each photo, and then submit your order. The submission process is quick, especially once you've entered your location information, and you can submit your order for pickup at a local store.

If you live near an A&B Photo store and are interested in using the online order function to streamline submission of your digital photos for pickup in store, this is a great app for you. It's fast to load new photos, it's free to use, and it doesn't require you to provide payment information because you'll pick up and pay for your photos at the store.

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