Review: 24me Smart Personal Assistant is a calendar that links to outside accounts

Consolidate everything you need to know in a single-day interface with this exceptional iOS app.

24me Smart Personal Assistant looks and feels like a calendar but manages to do so much more, offering numerous tools to sync financial accounts, tasks, bills, and social connections into a single interface. The result is a sleek, intuitive app that works perfectly for managing all of the daily tasks you might otherwise struggle to keep organized across multiple accounts.

When you first start 24me, you'll be required to set up a new account, or you can connect with Facebook. After this is done, which takes only a couple of seconds, you'll be prompted to connect other accounts. 24me supports connection with numerous bank accounts and credit cards, a large list of popular check-powered service providers (to track when bills are due), and Facebook. You can also integrate TaskRabbit if you use it to perform tasks for local clients. Combined with contact and calendar integration through your iPhone, 24me has a huge range of data to pull from and it manages to jam even more tools into each menu without ever becoming messy. The interface here is a true winner, providing dozens of tools without any of them becoming overwhelming.

If you need a free app that will combine all of your most important data into a single interface that doesn't bury you in options or sluggish menus, download 24me Smart Personal Assistant. This is a great app; and while it doesn't offer the power of a full-featured to-do list manager, it's a great supplement with financial integration.

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