Review: VideoStory streamlines creation of video slideshows for Instagram

Stitch images and music together to form video slideshows on your iPhone.

VideoStory allows you to combine images from your Instagram account or photo library into a single video with a soundtrack of your choosing that can then be played back on your device or uploaded to Instagram. It takes only a couple of seconds to create a new video story and the resulting videos look good and are easy to share because of their compact size.

Setup of VideoStory takes only a few seconds. While it integrates heavily with Instagram, you are not required to connect an Instagram account to your VideoStory account, meaning you can use it with just local photos if you like. To create a video story, just load up any images you want to use from the menu buttons at the bottom, organize them in whatever order you want, and set the transition speed and output. Other settings let you change things like the soundtrack being played, the transitions, and speed, but the entire process can be done, start to finish, in just a few seconds. It's a great looking app and it runs very fast.

If you enjoy making videos for your Instagram account, want an app that will streamline creation of slideshow-style videos, or want to create a couple slideshows to send to your friends, consider Video Story. This free app runs smoothly with iOS 7-style menus and transitions and enough tools to give you complete control over how your finished videos look.

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