Review: Speco Player gives users remote access to their DVR from any iOS device

View live cameras that are compatible with Speco technology on your iOS device.

Speco Player allows you to log in to your Internet-connected DVR and security cameras and watch the feed on your iOS device remotely. This gives you unprecedented control to see what is happening in a closed store, at the job site when you are not there, or at home when you're away. The app is only compatible with Speco DVRs and players, but it works very well; and with the exception of a fairly stripped-down interface, this is a great app.

When you set up Speco Player for the first time, you'll need some basic information about your device. To add a new site, you'll need the site name, IP/DNS, Port number, and the log-in information. This should all be supplied with your device, but you will need it to complete the setup. From there, however, the app will save each site separately so you can quickly swap between them, and every angle and channel will appear in your interface, so you can easily switch between them with a swipe. While there are other tools out there that offer a few more options based on the system technology you are using, this is a great tool for anyone with a Speco system.

If you have a Speco RS, WRSP, WRS, or HD DVR model of Speco technology system, this app is a must download for your iPad or iPhone. Giving you remote access for free to your feeds, you can keep an eye on everything wherever you are.

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