Review: InstaComic converts any of your images into comic-style photos for sharing

Convert your images into comic book-style images in a number of looks and feels.

InstaComic provides multiple filters to convert your images into comic book-style photos that can be shared from the app. The result is very cool, complete with a comic book-style font that looks and feels authentic in the images. While the tools are a bit limited in what they can produce with your photos, the resulting photos manage to hit that comic book look spot on.

When you first load up the app you can start editing photos instantly, no log-in required. Choose images from your library or your Instagram account, or take new ones from your camera. You can then apply a filter of your choosing, of which there are quite a few. Finally you can add text bubbles, titles, and block bars with subtitles and captions in a comic book style. They look fantastic and the typography is crisp and high resolution so it looks authentic when completed. Finally, you can export your images to the photo library or share them with friends and family over social media. The entire process takes no longer than a few seconds to complete and the images really do have the look and feel of a comic book. While it would have been nice to be able to string them together and the interface doesn't quite capture the comic book flare the tools provide, the tools, themselves, are very solid.

If you want to create custom comic book-style photos for your social media accounts -- whether Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter -- this is the app for you. It's free, it runs smoothly without any hiccups, and you can filter an image in just seconds.

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