Review: Rankings Lite for Mac shows you where your Web site ranks

Select and track your rankings in more than 100 search engines on your Mac.

Rankings Lite for Mac allows you to actively track your rankings in a number of search engines from a single interface on your desktop. After setup, which takes only a couple of minutes, you can define numerous sites, keyword lists, and search engines and keep track of how each of those sites performs over time in the rankings. With an intuitive layout and numerous tools to choose from, this offers a good surface level look at how your sites are performing at any given time.

After installation of the Rankings Lite app, you can set up a new project, multiple sites, or just one and choose the factors you want to track. For each site, you provide a URL, a list of keywords (which can be imported from a CSV file), and a list of search engines you want to track. The last point is the one part of this app we found fault with. Providing a long list of every possible language option for each search engine makes sorting through them more complicated than it needs to be. A search tool or drop-down box would have streamlined setup here quite a bit. After finding the search engines you want to track, however, the rest of this process runs very smoothly, and you can run a scan in less than five minutes. Do it often enough and the app provides graphing to show how your rankings have changed over time.

If you are looking for a snapshot look at how your site or sites are performing in search engines for specific keyword terms, Rankings Lite is a good app for you. It's free and has no upgrades to pay for, so you can continue to use it to track as many sites and keyword lists as you want.

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