Review: PogoPlug Companion for Mac is a cloud storage tool for many platforms

Upload files to the cloud and access them from anywhere including your Mac.

PogoPlug Companion for Mac is a cloud-based storage tool for the Mac that is also compatible with other platforms including iOS and PC. This allows you to store any of your files in the cloud, access them locally or online as if they were on a hard disk, and move them between devices on the fly. With a fairly stripped-down interface for ease of use and a decent online experience, PogoPlug Companion is a good app for anyone interested in getting more out of their cloud storage experience.

Installation of PogoPlug takes only a couple of minutes and will give you access to additional tools for choosing what you upload, where it is stored, and then accessing it online. You are given 5GB of storage to start, a solid starting point for free storage, and you can access your files on the go, so this is not just a backup tool, though you can tell it which files to automatically back up if you choose to use it as such. The local companion app is fast and runs in the background in your taskbar. After setup, which will require registration if you haven't done so yet on another device, you'll need to perform the first backup. If you have files you want immediately added to the cloud, this will take a few minutes to a few hours, but was relatively fast in our tests.

PogoPlug doesn't offer much different from other services like Dropbox, but for entry level cloud storage of your documents it's a solid option. It's fast, the interface is easy to navigate, and you get 5GB for free with more storage for a relatively low cost ($5/month or $50/year). This makes the app a good alternative for those with both PCs and iOS devices.

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