Review: iGooSoft iTunes Recovery for Mac scans for files in your iTunes backup folder

Recover old images, messages, contacts, and more from your iTunes recovery files.

iGooSoft iTunes Recovery for Mac allows you to scan through and pull items out of old recovery files you have stored on your Mac. If you have old images, videos, contact information, text messages, or other files stored in the recovery images from backing up an iPhone or iPad, this app will allow you to extract them and move them to individual folders on your machine.

When you open iGooSoft after a quick installation, you can instantly start searching through your recovery files. They will be listed by device and date. Click any one of them and it will instantly start sifting through and showing those old files. We were impressed by its speed. While some apps take time to scan and show old files, iGooSoft iTunes Recovery does it in just seconds and exporting is nearly as fast. While the interface is fairly rudimentary, not offering a lot of options onscreen, it is very functional, allowing you to do anything you need to from this home screen. At any time, select a file and hit the recovery button and it will save it to your hard drive.

iGooSoft iTunes Recovery for Mac is free to try but only allows you to recover up to 100 items, so if you are recovering large volumes of photos, you may need to upgrade to the paid edition fairly quickly. That said, it runs smoothly and gets the job done as advertised very effectively.

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