Review: Type-To-Navigate for Mac allows for Web browsing without a mouse or trackpad

Surf the Web without a mouse or trackpad by typing in the text links you would like to open.

Type-To-Navigate for Mac offers you a fast way to surf the Web by typing any text included in a link you would ordinarily click on with a mouse. It's a Safari extension that comes with a handful of options, including a handy blacklist of sites. In terms of speed, the extension is snappy, facilitating even faster Web surfing.

Type-To-Navigate for Mac installs as an ordinary Safari extension, but there will be no new buttons visible on the toolbar. The moment you start typing on the keyboard, when not in a text field, you will notice the extension trying to match the typed phrase to the links available on the open Web page, marking the text you type in green. Hitting "Return" on your keyboard lets you follow the link, while using the shortcut CMD+G lets you move to another link containing the same text. Even though both options worked fine for us, in our tests we found the lack of typo correction option rather disappointing. The app only marks text as red if it can't be found on the current Web page, but doesn't correct the text if you misspelled it. The extension does include two useful options you can configure -- a blacklist of sites and Instapaper support. Using the shortcut CMD+I you can easily send a URL to Instapaper, while if you just want to copy the URL, you can use the standard shortcut CMD+C.

If you're a fast typist looking to improve your browsing speed, you should consider Type-To-Navigate for Mac. Even though it could use some improvements, this useful little extension performs its main function well and is pleasant to use.

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