Review: Song Sergeant for Mac quickly removes duplicate songs from iTunes

Automatically find and delete duplicate songs from your media library while merging their metadata.

Song Sergeant for Mac finds and removes duplicate songs in your iTunes library and iTunes Media folder, using a robust and highly customizable analyzer. In addition to dealing with duplicates, this app also intelligently selects the appropriate labels in the songs' metadata.

The trial edition of Song Sergeant for Mac can only detect song duplicates, but not fix them. To test the app, we let it search for song duplicates with the default settings, but it did not manage to find all the duplicates we deliberately introduced. Only after we tweaked the app's preferences were we able to use the app effectively. The app gets a thumbs up for being quick, though, as the analysis, itself, took little time, scanning 200 songs in less than a minute. Unlike the average duplication detection results, the app was able to find all introduced name inconsistencies, although it failed to suggest the correct name on one occasion. As far as orphaned and missing songs are concerned, Song Sergeant for Mac performs flawlessly, removing deleted songs from iTunes and adding missing ones to the library.

If you're searching for a tool to help you organize your iTunes library and Media folder, you should give Song Sergeant for Mac a try. But to use it effectively you will have to invest some time in changing the app preferences, because out of the box it cannot effectively find and remove duplicates.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Song Sergeant for Mac 1.3.

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