Review: Fast Five for Mac offers a basic racing game experience

Race against the clock in locations that appear in the "Fast Five" movie using this fun racing simulator.

Fast Five for Mac brings to your Dashboard a racing game inspired by the film with the same name. While its gameplay and graphics feel limited compared to other racing simulators, it can still be an enjoyable game now and then, when you want to kill some time. Don't expect too much from it, though, and you won't be disappointed.

Fast Five for Mac installs quickly as a widget in the Dashboard area of your Mac OS X. After you move it to the active area, it opens into a large window, likely requiring you to move other widgets around to fit it properly. The widget incorporates the movie poster into its main screen, from which you can quickly start a new game. The app takes you to a first level where you must complete a course circuit by a certain time. It gives you the third-person view behind the vehicle, which is typical for racing games. The controls are traditional, too; you use the arrow keys to accelerate, steer, and decelerate, and the spacebar to brake. In terms of gameplay, steering with the arrow keys is difficult, at first, but it gets easier with practice. Later levels allow you to race against other cars, as well as to use different car models featured in the movie.

If you enjoy playing racing games and want a small and unpretentious simulator, you will want to check Fast Five for Mac. It lacks impressive graphics, customization options, and interesting gameplay modes, but it can nevertheless deliver a fun gaming experience -- especially if you're a fan of "The Fast and the Furious" film series.

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