Review: Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac enables you to back up or copy folders or drives

Create copies of your most important files with ease using this well-designed and intuitive utility.

With its quick performance and extensive features, Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac stands out as a top drive copy or backup program. You'll find its well-thought-out menus and controls easy to use even if you're a new Mac OS X user. Its powerful features won't disappoint you, either.

Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac installs as a free 30-day trial version. After starting, the program walks you through a tutorial presenting its main functions. It also includes a useful Help file in case you need more assistance. To get started, you have to use a drop-down box to select the folder or drive you want to back up or copy, and then select the destination for the copy. The program automatically chooses default settings for the destination, but you can easily customize these, as well. A large window on the left shows the contents of the selected folders, and you can easily remove or add items for the clone by checking or unchecking boxes. You can create the cloned folder/disk immediately, or schedule it for later, a feature good for backups. When we tested the app on a folder with several office suite documents, we were amazed by its speed as the clone completed almost instantly.

Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac lives up to its promise. It can create copies and backups of files and folders without any issues, and quickly. The interface looks good and is easy to use, and the features all work well. This is a well-built app that can help you back up your important files in no time.

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