Review: Come up with new ideas for wedding photos using Wedding Portrait Photos

Get inspiration for your wedding photos from this photographer's app.

Wedding Portrait Photos is a glorified photo gallery app that doesn't offer many tips or tricks at all -- just a nice collection of wedding photos. Making matters worse, less than half of the app's photos are unlocked in the free version.

Instead of the posing guide you might expect, this app is just a gallery of wedding photos from one photographer. There are six sub-galleries in all, four of which are locked behind a paywall. That means the app offers only 60 pictures for you to see. They're all romantic shots in high resolution, but there's no commentary or instructions from the photographer as to why these photos look as good as they do. There isn't even a list of camera settings used to take the photo. All you get is the ability to bookmark in the app or share it to a social network. As far as advanced settings, Wedding Portrait Photos doesn't offer any outside of a biography of the photographer who took the shots.

It's not that the pictures are bad examples, but there's nothing here that can actually guide you toward taking better photographs. There are no tips for couples or photographers; there are just pictures presented without comment. That means Wedding Portrait Photos isn't much more useful than a good Pinterest photo list or a Google search of "Good wedding photography." It's up to you whether or not that's worth downloading.

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