Review: Torch Music offers loads of content and features, but not great video options

Watch your favorite music videos for free, as well as create, save, and share your playlists with this stylish app.

Torch Music includes tons of music videos and playlist capabilities, but its default player leaves a lot to be desired. In most cases, the app just grabs videos from YouTube, keeps the same player, and limits what you can do with it. While that hurts the app, its playlists and social sharing help make it useful for most music fans.

Torch Music lets you insert the name of a song, artist, or album and listen to it without ads or interruptions. The app organizes artists into their albums, so you can listen to an entire album in the order the artist intended you to hear it in. You can create a playlist of multiple songs and listen to them continuously, as well. The app plays the official music video if one exists, but will search for a fan-created lyric video if there's no other alternative. Unfortunately, the app doesn't let you watch videos in fullscreen mode or change the orientation from Portrait to Landscape. Another issue with this app -- something you don't have with any other media player -- is that you can't listen to music without interrupting it if you want to go to your home screen or use other apps. The good news is, if you want, you can log in to Torch Music using your Facebook account to save your playlists, share them with friends, or check what your friends are listening to.

Since the app just uses videos from YouTube most of the time, perhaps you will wonder why you wouldn't just watch videos with that app. With Torch Music, you sacrifice the ability to change how you watch the video to gain the option to play a complete album or playlist, like you would with a music player. If that's a sacrifice you don't mind making, this app will make you happy.

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