Review: Move: A Brain Shifting Puzzle provides you with a fun brain teaser

Solve a set of small puzzles with this basic but well-made game that provides good entertainment.

Even though it features rather basic graphics, Move: A Brain Shifting Puzzle is a unique-enough puzzle game that is guaranteed to amuse you. Its introductory levels make the game easy to learn regardless of your experience level. This version even features a Color Blind mode welcoming those who have trouble recognizing colors.

Move features a basic yet clean interface devoid of fancy graphics. The sounds are pleasant, but if you prefer to play without any sound, you can also turn them completely off in the Settings menu. In addition, you can also choose to connect to Facebook, as well as turn on the Color Blind mode if needed. You begin by selecting the level you want to play. The initial levels act more as a tutorial, teaching you the game in no time. As for the play, itself, the goal is to move all given dots into colored squares in as few moves as possible while overcoming different obstacles and challenges. It's a game mainly for strategists, so if you love to tinker, you'll surely be hooked to this one. The initial 15 levels we completed during testing did not increase in difficulty much and felt easy once we got the basics. However, as we progressed, the levels just kept getting better and better, making this game quite challenging. The game offers three free packs, each containing 100 levels, but if you want more packs you'll need to purchase them. Same goes for hints; you'll need to purchase one of the packs from the in-game store. The good news is: Purchasing any pack removes ads.

If you enjoy puzzle games and like minimalistic interfaces, Move will likely prove a fun experience for you. Do keep in mind that even though this game offers plenty of free levels, if you get hooked, you'll need to spend some cash, too.

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