Review: FREE Tablet AntiVirus Security protects your gadget from viruses and malware

Keep your mobile device safe from harmful viruses and spyware using this effective and powerful antivirus software.

FREE Tablet AntiVirus Security protects your mobile gadget from viruses, malware, and malicious apps, while at the same time letting you monitor its overall performance, data usage, and security. It's a fantastic app that you definitely need if you install apps frequently or spend time browsing the Web.

To activate FREE Tablet AntiVirus Security you first need to accept its TOS. Once you do, you'll be welcomed by a rather intuitive interface featuring an unobtrusive ad at the bottom. The app works to enhance overall protection, performance, and privacy of your device, and it's fast, too. Scanning our device (apps, content, and settings) on "high" sensitivity took only a couple of minutes, after which the app reported it found one threat in our settings, which was correct. When it comes to other protection options, we really liked the "Safe Web Surfing" feature, which when turned on, gave us real-time protection when surfing the Web. As for enhancing your tablet's overall performance, this app offers many useful tools such as task killer, cache cleaner, battery consumption optimizer, uninstaller for battery hog apps, and more. When it comes to privacy, this version gives you the ability to wipe your device, SD card, and data by category. However, if you want the ability to protect your apps with a password (App Locker) or back up installed apps to an SD card (App Backup), you'll need to upgrade to Pro version. In addition, this app comes with some nifty anti-theft features: you can locate your device in case it's been stolen, as well as remotely lock your device and wipe personal data. To activate these features, you need to register using your Google account.

Overall, FREE Tablet AntiVirus Security offers real-time antivirus protection for your tablet free of any charge. You do need to upgrade to Pro version if you want to avail yourself of all the features this app has to offer; but even if you don't, rest assured that this version gives you everything you need to keep your device safe and protected.

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