Review: Prevent toddler keyboard and mouse mishaps with KidKeyLock

Lock keys and mouse functions with this effective but tricky-to-use program.

KidKeyLock performs lock key and mouse actions, but it could be easier to use. As it is, this seems like an unfinished app that has promise but needs some polishing.

Things got off to a not-so-good start when we unzipped the folder and found three folders. With labels like bin, HTML, and various, it wasn't clear where to go. KidKeyLock doesn't install, so we searched for an EXE file. In bin, we found two that were duplicates except for an extra EXE at the end of one file. Both seemed to produce the same results and the KidKeyLock icon was added to the taskbar in both cases. When you place your mouse over it, you're directed to type "kklsetup" or "kklquite," but there's no interface in which to do so. Turns out, you literally just type either one on your keyboard, the first to access the few options and the second to exit the program. The same options can be found if you right-click the icon. The compact settings window is plain and fairly straightforward, with only two main sections for mouse and keyboard. You can choose up to five mouse functions to lock, including locking the left and right buttons and mouse wheel. For the keyboard, there's only a slider. You don't have any way to control what happens at each increase and there's no onscreen information to tell you what's going on. When put in action, the mouse function locks worked as advertised and we noticed less keyboard functionality, as well, but we've gotten the same results from similar tools that are much easier to get up and running.

Anyone who's had a three-year-old completely undo the desktop or delete important files will appreciate KidKeyLock's goal, but the execution needs some work. From a more streamlined approach to more keyboard locking control, the program is lacking some important final touches.

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