Review: USB Autorun runs silently and adds some extra convenience to USB drives

Skip Windows' autorun prompt with this handy USB pairing program.

USB Autorun supercharges your USB's autorun by giving you more control over what happens when you plug a drive in. It lets you completely bypass Windows' autorun prompt while still getting the desired result. Since it's a portable program, its ability to move with you on any drive makes it even cooler. It might also upset your antivirus software, but you can bet that it's clean.

USB Autorun lets you assign commands to a USB drive, so it instantly starts working the second you plug it in. You can pair your drive to a certain file, as well. This allows you to establish transfer protocols or syncing that go beyond what Windows can do on its own. It can even start backing up files automatically the second you plug it in. This light little program runs quietly in the background; it's so quiet that you have to actually find it in your tray instead of in the traditional file menu.

In a way, USB Autorun doesn't do very much, but it enables you to do so much more with your USB drives. It takes the annoying prompt you get when you plug in a USB drive and makes it work for you in a way you couldn't imagine. Give it a shot if you use thumb drives or a portable drive for back up, or if you frequently transfer media files such as photos or videos.

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