Review: NxFilter gives you a powerful DNS filter that is shockingly easy to set up

Filter your traffic without lifting a finger with this silent download.

NxFilter is a DNS filter with enough power to please tech-savvy folks and an easy setup to please rookies. In addition to boosting your Web security, it adds a significant amount of speed to your browsing. It's a very advanced filter that runs incredibly quietly, which is a major plus.

This is a DNS-level filter, so it helps manage traffic based on IP addresses to speed up traffic and verify a site to help you dodge malware. NxFilter runs from the command line, so it can be completely silent once it sets itself up. The program is ready to go right out of the box, but there are some advanced commands you can use to get more out of it. It comes with a useful tutorial that gives you some of those. You can create unlimited categories for Web sites and block or restrict traffic based on time signatures, as well. You can even create unlimited groups and monitor their traffic, so you can see how kids or employees are using the connection. Instead of relying solely on a banned list of malicious URLs, the program can analyze traffic as you surf to block nasty sites. It does this without sacrificing a lick of speed.

NxFilter offers all you'd expect from a DNS filter, including snappy speed. It will keep you blasting through pages and safe from viruses without making its presence felt anywhere else on your computer. It's a worthwhile filter, especially if you care more about speed and advanced options.

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