Review: Naturpic Video Converter wows with tons of format support, speed, & options

Convert your video and audio files to any format in a matter of seconds using this powerful media converter.

Naturpic Video Converter gives all of the format support and speed you'd want from a video converter. It's loaded with features and doesn't even bog your video down with a nasty watermark. It's tough to imagine a situation where someone would need more than all of the power this awesome converter offers.

Though this program is labeled as a video converter, it also works with audio files. It has a very basic, clean interface, but it's not unattractive by any means. It actually makes the program much easier to use compared to its competition. Naturpic Video Converter supports all of the popular formats for both audio and video, and even offers device-specific support for iPhones and a handful of older Android models. Regardless of what format you choose, the program gets down to business quickly: it only took about 10 seconds for it to convert a two-minute video that was in HD. Even if we changed the quality, resolution, or other nitty-gritty details, the program had no problem maintaining that speed. It even let us convert multiple videos at once with different rules and choose exactly where we wanted to save each of them.

Naturpic Video Converter hits all the notes you could ask a video editor to hit, and hits them right out of the park. It offers enough features, speed, and format support to please even the toughest critics. It doesn't even take up much room on your hard drive, which gives you more space for all of the videos you can now convert.

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