Review: Listen to YouTube lets you take your favorite YouTube videos anywhere

Download your favorite songs and videos from YouTube so you can enjoy listening to them while offline.

Listen to YouTube quickly downloads your favorite songs off of YouTube, as well as YouTube videos, but its format support is limited. It only supports one major audio format and makes you pay for the full version to use the converter.

Listen to YouTube isn't just geared to music, but would work with TED talks and other lectures to make a podcast to listen to on the go. The program's installation process was clean with no alerts from our antivirus software. While its interface isn't much to look at, it is quite intuitive. By default the interface is green, but you can change its color by adjusting hue and saturation in the "Skin" menu. The program lets you download audio as either MP3 or AAC in different audio quality, going as high as 44 KHz, as well as video in different resolutions, from 240p to 3072p Super HD. If the desired audio quality or video resolution aren't available, the program will prompt you and suggest another one -- pretty neat. When it comes to speed, this program doesn't lack, either. It took the program only a couple of minutes to download a movie trailer from YouTube in best available quality, which was quite impressive. We had no problems downloading audio files, as well; the program took about a minute to download a four-minute audio file. While Listen to YouTube supports "Multiple Downloading," you will need to upgrade to Pro version if you want to use its "Converter" option.

Listen to YouTube doesn't do much that isn't already available in other YouTube downloading programs, but it gets the job done without any hassle. If you need a quick YouTube audio and video downloader, this one wouldn't be a bad choice.

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