Review: Audio Amplifier Free quickly boosts the sound of any audio or video file

Crank up the volume on your audio and video files using this fast and free audio amplifier.

Audio Amplifier Free will boost the volume of any audio or video file you load, but not by much. The program doesn't make it anywhere near as loud as you'd expect, and doesn't do much once you've boosted the audio. However, if you want a relatively universal audio boost for your music and movies, this is still probably the easiest way to get it.

The install process for Audio Amplifier Free takes only a few seconds, and even though the program is free, it doesn't come bundled with any additional or unwanted software. Though it doesn't tout universal format support, all of the formats tried worked just fine with the program, so it likely supports the format you want to use. The program's layout looks like the face of a '90s-era radio, complete with a circular volume dial that is fun to play with. There aren't many advanced features to be found in it, though. All it lets you do is load your audio or video file and up the volume -- as much as 1000 percent. Pushing the dial that far in the program sounds like it'd be risky, but it's not. In fact, you can't tell much of a difference between a 100 percent boost and anything higher, except for increased buzzing and noise on the track. On the average, it took the program around a minute to amplify the sound on a three and a half minute long video, and only a few seconds to amplify the sound of an MP3 track.

Audio Amplifier Free is by no means the best way to boost your file's audio, but it's certainly the easiest. It lets you raise the audio of any file in a matter of seconds, which is awesome. However, it won't do more nuanced editing or eliminate noise from your amplified track.

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