Review: After Death dispatches nasty viruses and programs

Wipe viruses and uncover any folders and files they've hidden on your PC using After Death.

After Death eliminates tough viruses successfully, but it seems like it would be very easy to make a mistake with it if you're new. It barely offers any information or tips on how to use it properly or what files to delete. In spite of that, it's not a bad last-ditch effort if a virus has already made a mess of things on your PC.

After Death is designed to find and kill viruses that auto-run on your drives, but it can also sniff out and get rid of any program that runs automatically on your computer. That means you can use it as a backhanded way to speed up your startup, too. The program took about 30 seconds to scan our entire drive and come up with a few programs. While it listed them out and gave information like when they were installed and how much space they took up, it didn't bother to list what they do or why it marked them suspicious. That means you have to guess, which could lead to your deleting something important. When we gave the delete command, the program acted instantly. The program's layout isn't much to look at, but that makes the whole thing extra responsive.

After Death is not going to replace your current antivirus software, but it's great at catching things that fall through the cracks. It is a great tool if you've got a nasty virus messing up your auto-run prompts or taking up your resources. It could be a little more forgiving to new users and include some bonus information, though.

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