Review: Learn the sounds of barnyard animals with IKnowMyAnimals Free

This free animal learning game's banner ad needs a better spot than center-top.

IKnowMyAnimals Free helps little ones learn the names and sounds of barnyard animals, but its ad-support banner blocks too much of the screen. Kids young enough for this free Android game aren't likely to be able to read the ads, but they will notice when the top of a horse's head is obscured. IKnowMyAnimals Free is appealing without being cloying, and parents will like the fact that IKnowMyAnimals Free doesn't ask for access to anything, except network access for the banner ads.

IKnowMyAnimals Free has a colorful home page that also links to Safari and Water editions. We pressed "Farm" and received a happy, sunlit farmyard scene populated by familiar four-legged friends. Touching an animal calls up a page introducing the animal by name ("Hi! I'm Penny the Pig") with brief facts that your child can activate with a touch ("baby pigs are called piglets"). Even the clouds make sounds when you touch them! A Quiz helps reinforce the lesson by reviewing what your child learned. Correct answers are cheered, but incorrect answers yield a "wa-waah" sound and make the phone vibrate.

IKnowMyAnimals Free is cute and nicely done, and we understand nothing's really free, but it's hard to imagine a more intrusive banner ad. The app can still be used, but would benefit from a better spot for the ads.

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