Review: Get five free fonts with Handwritten Font 3 for FlipFont

Add handwriting-style fonts to your Android device with this free FlipFont pack.

Handwritten Font 3 FlipFont bundles five free fonts for your Android device. These fonts offer a stylish take on the handwritten style and give your phone or tablet a personal touch. The app is ad-supported and a bit intrusive in access, but the fonts are nicely rendered and, better yet, free.

Handwritten Font 3 will probably appear in your Apps Manager as Fuentes Manuscritas 3, though all the app's documentation and instructions were in the appropriate language (English, in our case). When you first run the app, its homepage lets you view previews, get more apps, or open the Settings to enable your new fonts. The app even explains how it's done: In your phone or tablet's settings, access Font (usually in Display) and then tap Font Style. Your new fonts will be displayed with preview text. We selected a good-looking script as our new font. FlipFont did the rest, automatically applying it throughout our phone. It's easy to change the font size, too.

We mentioned that Handwritten Fonts 3 is ad-supported and asks for access to just about everything in your phone. We're not sure we want some fancy fonts that badly. But if the urge to customize your phone is greater than your annoyance at the ads and access, Handwritten Fonts 3 has some nice-looking options.

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