Review: Bring back classic cool with GO SMS Pro iPhone Theme

Restore the timeless iPhone-inspired theme to a favorite messaging app.

GO SMS Pro iPhone Theme restores the original default theme to the Android messaging app's lineup. The GO Wallpaper Development Team has been busy adding all kinds of themes to the popular messaging tool, and the original look probably got lost in the shuffle. It's back and still free for Android 2.3.3 and above, though of course you'll need GO SMS Pro to use it.

To install GO SMS Pro iPhone Theme, download and open it like a standalone app. Open GO SMS Pro's Menu and tap "Theme." Under Installed themes, select "iPhone Theme." You might need to restart GO SMS Pro for the iPhone Theme to show up in the menu. That's all it takes. The theme has the classic look and feel of the original iPhone-inspired layout.

It must be a sign of success to still have a demand for your original default theme when you offer so many others in so many styles, not to mention the ability to design your own theme. Form follows close behind function in this classic design, so we're glad GO SMS Pro iPhone Theme is back.

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