Review: Bring some Windows style to your Android desktop with FX

Manage your Android device's files, memory, and more with this free, customizable app.

NextApp's FX File Explorer is a file manager app designed to enhance your phone's functionality. FX's high-quality look and smooth performance make it a good choice for the job. This free file manager is suitable for Android 2.1 or better. You can customize and enhance your FX installation with a variety of add-ons and upgrades, such as the free FX TextEditor and Root Access add-ons and for-pay upgrades like FX Plus, which adds network features such as FTP and cloud storage syncing.

FX's Home screen strikes a balance between the stripped-down minimalism of a smartphone OS and a full-featured desktop. It groups important functions in three categories or "catalogs," Bookmarks (containing Documents and Download folders), Files (Main Storage, Media Card, Root), and Resources (Add-Ons, Help). FX has a good Help file that starts with the basics but includes information on all aspects of the app, including the Root Module and Script Executor add-ons. FX's icons and screens are as good as anything you'll see on your Windows desktop (but smaller) and of course you can customize the app's look. FX has four default themes (Light, Dark, and Translucent Light and Dark) as well as wallpaper and many other ways to customize the grid, icons, and background. The "Mount/Eject" button on the Settings menu makes it easy to mount, unmount, and format your SD card and other memory devices, and a bar graph shows which folders and files take up the most space.

FX has a lot to offer. We wish cloud syncing was included, like other free file managers, but its combination of style and substance keeps FX on top of things.

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