Review: Titan Video Download and Player is a fairly standard downloading tool

Browse, download, and organize multimedia files from your iPhone with this app.

Titan Video Downloader and Player is designed to access and download videos from Web sites on your phone, and it works generally as advertised. The app looks a lot like other free downloading tools, complete with the fairly stripped-down browser, basic organizational tools, and playback options. It works as promised, however, and the download speeds were fair in all of our tests, making it a decent choice for anyone in need of a free downloader app.

When you open Titan for the first time you'll be shown a browser interface where you can learn more about the app and how it operates or sync with iTunes via Wi-Fi to move videos. The actual tools built into the app require you to browse to a Web page with a video embedded and then download it from there. All downloaded videos are stored in a download folder and can be played back one at a time. There are a handful of options to change the browser layout, the player settings, and transferring to and from your phone, but it is all fairly standard stuff for a free app like this. The interface is functional and with the exception of a few ads that pop up at inopportune times, it worked well for finding and downloading videos.

Titan Video Downloader and Player works well for a free app but doesn't do much more than other free apps in the same category. If you are looking for a way to download a handful of videos to your iPhone from Web sites, this app will get the job done.

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