Review: UC Browser+ is a fantastic mobile-specific browser with added tools

Browse the Web from your phone in truly mobile fashion with this customized browser.

UC Browser+ was clearly designed first and foremost for mobile devices and it works smoothly and quickly because of it. This is one of the better mobile options currently available for the iPhone. The app adds a handful of features that really expand the flexibility of your mobile browsing experience in ways that Apple's built-in Safari does not.

When you open UC Browser+ for the first time, it will take a bit longer to load. Afterward, however, it will retain the last page and auto-load much faster. It is fairly stripped down like Safari so you get all Web content and no excessive buttons or overlay taking up space on the screen. The bar contains search, Web address, and verification data, along with a settings drop-down menu that allows you to save for later, create a QR code, or send to someone. The home screen contains iOS style icons of your favorite pages that you can tap to open the immediately and additional tools are available including cloud sync, themes, downloads, videos, private browsing, a night mode that dims the screen, and more. The app has dozens of tools that were designed with mobile users in mind and it shows in the app's nooks and crannies and the fantastically intuitive interface.

If you are looking for a good alternative to Safari for Web browsing on your iOS device, download UC Browser+. The app is free, doesn't get overshadowed by excessive ads, and runs smoothly without any slowdowns or issues displaying advanced JS or HTML5 technologies. This is a great app and one of the better third-party browsers for the iPhone on the App Store today.

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