Review: UC Browser for iPad is an incredibly seamless experience

Browse sites the way they were meant to be seen on an iPad with numerous added tools and features.

UC Browser for iPad brings the UC browser experience to a larger screen but with a number of added features. From the pop-out video player to the speed of the browsing experience, there is a lot to like about this very well crafted, very lightweight browser for the iPad.

UC Browser is for iPad only -- there is an iPhone version but it looks a bit different and has fewer features due to the smaller screen. What they've done in the iPad version is to blow things up but also to add a lot of tools that make sense in this setting. The most visible is the floating video player, which is introduced when you first open the app. With the floating browser, you can watch videos on the screen anytime while continuing to browse. You can also store those videos in a local cache for later viewing if you want to come back to them when you are not online. The interface here is exceptional, with a sleek, tile-based home screen, and the browsing speed was fast and responsive with every site and service we tested. With quick access tools like Night-mode, Incognito, Tab Sync, and more, UC Browser has thought of everything, including all the basics from Safari and much more to create a browser that feels and looks like it belongs on an iPad.

UC Browser for iPad is one of the best browsers currently available for the platform. Whether you are tired of Safari's limitations or would like to experiment with some of the added tools provided in UC Browser, this is a great free app.

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