Review: Senam Camera uses custom artwork for photo augmentation

Add custom filters, backgrounds, borders, and stickers with a unique art style to your photos.

Senam Camera offers a range of options that are familiar in free photo editing apps, but with a unique twist. Every one of them is part of a custom art set created by the developer and the results are simultaneously charming and quite attractive. The actual editing tools are familiar, but you won't find these filters or stickers anywhere else.

Senam Camera opens with an ad, but the ad is for the app, showing you what you can unlock with the paid upgrade, and it looks great. The app's theme creates a single aesthetic that is perfectly captured by the artist's work, and it looks fantastic as a result. The interface is familiar for anyone who has used an image editing app like this before, and everything is smooth and quick when loading new filters. While technically there is nothing new here, the whimsical imagery, high-quality artwork, and general feel your images will have when done is enough to warrant a download.

If you are looking for a photo editor that does something different from every other one -- giving you new frame options, new filters, new stickers, and more, then Senam Camera is worth checking out. It's not revolutionary in the field, but the art looks pretty fantastic.

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