Review: RSSolid News Reader is a sometimes slow world news aggregator

Read news from around the world with a handful of customization options.

RSSolid News Reader offers fairly standard RSS features with international sources but the at-times slow interface speed can be frustrating. While the app works as advertised and offers a decent reading experience, the slower load times between screens and limited options for customizing the reader without registering your e-mail address can be frustrating.

When you open the app for the first time, you'll be shown a list of top stories from sources selected by the developers. This includes numerous international sources from Europe in the fields of news and sports. There are other categories as well that you can add to your feed from the settings menu, but the options are relatively limited compared to something like Flipboard and its huge library of tap-to-add options. You can customize the options a bit here, though, which gives you some flexibility to add your own RSS feeds, but it's not an easy function to find and the more you add, the longer it takes everything to load.

RSSolid News Reader is a decent RSS reader, but due to slow load times, sluggish transitions between screens, and buried options that make it harder to customize the app than it should be, it's not one we would recommend over some of the alternatives that are out there. With so many options on the market and so many useful tools for combining and reading articles on your phone, RSSolid News Reader never manages to stand out.

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