Review: RealPlayer Cloud is a cloud-based video backup tool for your iOS device

Use Real services to back up videos to your PC, Mac, or the cloud -- on the go.

RealPlayer Cloud is a cloud storage tool designed specifically for video storage. It's a valuable tool for anyone that records large numbers of videos on their iPhone or iPad that they may not want on YouTube. The tool is easy to set up and it's optimized for iOS 7 so it looks and operates smoothly and without any slowdowns, making it one of the better free cloud storage options for video on the App Store.

When you download RealPlayer Cloud, you'll need to log in or register a new account. This is a process that takes a couple of minutes. You can connect directly to Facebook during registration as well, which will allow you to publish videos to Facebook or download them from your Facebook account to your phone or cloud account. After the relatively fast sign-up process, everything runs very smoothly. The app provides a short tutorial and you can start uploading videos, moving them to the cloud, streaming them to devices in your home, connecting to your devices to download videos, and more. Any video can be added to a collection, tagged, shared, or uploaded to a service of your choice and all uploading/downloading occurs in the background. With a sleek, modern interface, RealPlayer has produced one of the best cloud tools available for multimedia on the App Store.

If you record a lot of videos on your phone, then RealPlayer Cloud is a great free app for your phone. It's easy to use, fast, and offers 2GB of storage out of the box for free. While it's not a total cloud solution for all files, it's great for video lovers.

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