Review: Paint Splash Effect FX is riddled with ads, low-quality filters, and few features

Select from a handful of poorly cropped filters and images to customize photos.

Paint Splash Effect FX is a disappointing photo editing tool with a stripped-down set of tools that make it hard to produce a decent-looking photo. From a plethora of ads that interrupt what you are doing to the minimal features, this app is not quite ready for your phone.

When you load Paint Splash Effect FX, you are greeted with three ad screens. It's a portentous start for an app that will throw ads at you frequently as you attempt to edit your photos. Ignoring the first two options on the home screen, which are upgrade paths, you can load an image or take a new one with your camera. In the editing screen, you can apply filters, which are for some reason two menus deep, adding unnecessary steps to the process. Of the four filter types, only one is available without paying for an upgrade and it contains paint splash effects that were cut out in a way that looks like someone erased the white space around them poorly, so they never quite blend with your images. Some of them look decent; but between the poor cropping and occasionally low resolution filters, it's hit and miss -- and even then you're limited because of the upgrade paths.

If the quality was a bit higher in the filters Paint Splash Effect FX offered, the app would be passable, but with low-quality images, limited options, a messy interface, and frequent ad interruptions, this is an app to be avoided unless you very specifically need one of the filters it offers.

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