Review: Newsy the News Aggregator works well for a free news app

Read through top news from a select number of industry sources.

Newsy the News Aggregator is a fast, easy-to-use news reader, but it lacks any customization tools, which severely limits how useful it can be. Because the developer has essentially already selected which news sources you will read when you open the app, it has a limited audience and won't work as an RSS feed reader or customizable news app.

When you load Newsy the News Aggregator, the options are already loaded so you can read immediately. Top sources have been selected for various categories including technology, film, science, and breaking news. The sources are solid, including "Wired," "The Guardian," BBC, "Engadget," and a handful of others, but the list is rather short. You can change which categories show up in the feed, but not which sources, and there are no options to add new ones, so unless you enjoy these sources or have limited reading time, it's almost a jumbled mess of random stories most of the time. There are other tools here, however. You can save your favorite stories, share them with friends, and change text size -- and the interface is very sleek with an iOS 7-style layout that runs quite fast.

Despite its smooth layout and seamless design, Newsy is a limited app because of the lack of customization tools. If you could add new feeds, import RSS accounts, or switch between specific sources within those categories, it would be a top news pick; but as is, it's only good for those that already read these particular sources.

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