Review: News Room Eyes Free Reader dictates the news to you when on the go

Listen to the news in this inventive iOS app for your RSS subscriptions.

News Room Eyes Free Reader is a fairly standard RSS reader app with one exception; it will read your news to you and has a number of tools to make browsing as easy as possible. Integrated with the button on your iPhone microphone and some other hands-free options, this app manages to make it not only possible but enjoyable to listen to the news while on the bus, train, or at the gym.

When you load News Room Eyes Free Reader the first time, it will explain to you how to set up the options. Everything in the app is spoken, so be sure you have headphones in when you load it or at least the volume turned up. You can browse by finger of course and the interface is well designed and easy to navigate, so there are no issues there, but the real strength is in being able to browse with the buttons on your headphones and other gestures. And, while no text-to-speech options are perfect, the voice is decent here and generally correct.

If you are always in a hurry and cannot read the news while commuting or in the car, consider downloading News Room Eyes Free Reader, a free app for the iPhone that goes above and beyond what normal RSS readers can do, all while making itself fully customizable to your personal feeds. It's a great download for anyone with a busy lifestyle that wants to catch up on their reading.

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