Review: My Wedding Planner organizes photos you've taken of wedding ideas

Gather and organize wedding ideas as you think of them or see them.

My Wedding Planner offers only a fairly bare-bones photo organization tool in place of anything more comprehensive for your wedding planning needs. The app allows you to take photos of things you find in magazines, in stores, or at other weddings so you can store them as "wedding ideas" that are then accessible at a later time. You can create a second album for other people's ideas but it doesn't go much further than this.

When you load up My Wedding Planner for the first time, you'll find a menu showing you where to add photos for your own and other people's ideas. There is an optional passcode lock as well if you want to keep your wedding ideas private. There are no note-taking or tagging tools here, so it's up to you to remember any details about the image, which somewhat limits My Wedding Planner as an organizational tool. In its free form, this app is essentially a photo album with a wedding theme. In terms of interface, it's functional but there are actually too many buttons for the limited number of things it does.

My Wedding Planner is a free app and it shows, but if you pay for the upgrade you can unlock some of the features that are missing. Title tagging, for example is an unlockable feature for $1.99 while ad removal is another $1 and passcode security on the app, itself, is another $1. Considering there are other note-taking apps that remain free and offer all of these functions without a cost, My Wedding Planner doesn't do enough to warrant a download unless you want a thematic app for your wedding.

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