Review: Itemize provides a number of basic accounting tools for your phone

Photograph and track receipts on the go with this very useful mobile app.

Itemize allows you to snap photos of your receipts and save them in a single interface where you can organize and track your expenses over time. With a range of options to customize your tracking, including tagging, search and filter options, recommendations based on your expenses, and more, this is a very useful app.

When you set up Itemize for the first time, you'll be required to create a new account. This takes a bit of time and requires a lot of information so you can access everything on your computer later or send those receipts to yourself from a third-party app or e-mail client. Once done, you can log in and start uploading receipts. Mobile receipt adding is done with your camera, and while there is a tool that recognizes text and converts it to tags, it isn't 100 percent accurate at all times, so you can customize the entry whenever you take a new photo. Other things can be added, as well, like tips that were left, billable client stats, and more.

If you need a tool that will allow you to take photos of and categorize receipts on the go, Itemize is a great app. It is free to use and while it requires that you integrate with an online service, the added features that it provides, combined with the intuitive interface and seamless navigation between digital receipts, makes it a must for anyone with a lot of itemization to do.

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