Review: InstaRecord streamlines recording on your iPhone for mobile uploads

Create quick videos with a handful of very useful features.

InstaRecord is a fun-to-use video recording app that becomes surprisingly deep as you continue to use it. The video recording is as easy as pressing and holding a button; and because you can combine various bits of video into a single short clip, it allows for quite a bit of freedom in how you compose.

The app opens to the only screen you'll ever see, a recording screen. To record you'll tap and hold the big red button. Release the big red button and the recording stops. Tap again and it starts again, adding new segments to the timeline. You can, at any time, change the order in which the segments play, or record between them, and there is a delete function that will work for only one of the segments that you tap. It makes crafting a video from multiple clips surprisingly easy and there is plenty of length in the timeline so you can go further than you would in a Vine. Sharing is just as fast, allowing you to quickly upload anything you've recorded to Instagram or Facebook.

If you are interested in creating short, fun videos with no frills to them (There are no editing tools or filters here!), InstaRecord is a great app. It's not as powerful as many other video apps but it runs smoothly, its interface is so streamlined that it will only take a few seconds to get it down, and it runs very fast from recording to processing to uploading.

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