Review: Eternity Warriors 2 offers fast-paced, bone-crunching gameplay

Work your way through floor after floor of enemies as you level up your gear with loot and coins.

Eternity Warriors 2 evokes the gameplay elements and feel of classics like Diablo in a mobile package that manages to work quite well in most instances. A free-to-play game, there are some limits on what you can do without paying but they are fair and the game keeps expanding even if you opt to keep it free throughout. Combined with PvP elements and the constant draw of the level and loot grind, this is a very addictive game.

When you start Eternity Warriors 2 for the first time it can be a bit slow. It takes time to load the first time and then each new level and screen causes a short delay though it did seem to speed up a bit the longer we played. The game, itself, never lags and there is often a lot going on at once with dozens of enemies onscreen, combos flying off, and loot all over the ground. It's actually very impressive to play through a game that looks and feels a lot like a classic dungeon crawl action RPG on the PC, without any lag and with deep customization elements and PvP components. The free to play aspect holds back some components as you'll need to wait to reach the higher-level content and the gear needed to take it on; but unless you're playing hours at a time, you're unlikely to reach these barriers.

Eternity Warriors 2 is a great example of how to translate an idea from the larger screen to a mobile touch screen device. Short levels, increasingly interesting rewards, and an optional pay scheme make for a fun, fast, and very accessible adventure on your iPhone.

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