Review: Make it easy on yourself: try File Expert

Bring order to your smartphone with this terrific, free file manager.

File Expert is the basic version of GeekSoft's excellent file manager for Android, but it doesn't give up much to its sibling, File Expert HD. It's a better fit for older devices or those not running Android 4.0 or better. You can get a Pro upgrade that adds advanced features such as root access if you need it, but most users will find File Expert's combination of an intuitive interface and extras like unzipping files and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and FTP connectivity pretty close to what they've been looking for in an Android file manager. File Expert 6.0.5 runs in Android 2.2 and higher. New features include an enhanced free GCloud account and a File Shredder that can actually remove stuff from your phone.

The heart of File Expert's intuitive operation is its combination of a browser-like tabbed interface with smartphone functionality like sliding and tapping. File Expert organizes your stuff in three tabs: My Files, Folders, and My Tools, plus any tabs you care to add. File Expert not only browses your phone but also the Web: Just tap "Surf the Net" to access Web sites from inside the app's interface. The light-colored theme arranges your stuff in familiar rows of easy-to-read icons. We tapped "My Clouds" to sync File Expert with our cloud service. We could choose Baidu Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync, Box, SkyDrive, or KDrive in addition to GeekSoft's GCloud options. The My Tools tab let us activate Web PC Suite's file-sharing capabilities, or we could tap Network Clients to set up FTP, SFTP, and other clients to receive files anywhere.

That's just a sample of what File Expert can do. Its layout is low-key but polished and efficient, and it does just about everything you want a file manager to do, and then some.

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