Review: Bubbles are for popping, and Bubble Mania is for Android

Pop your way to victory with this updated Bubble Mania release.

TeamLava has updated the free Android game Bubble Mania with smoother animation, new levels, and better bubbles that let you play faster and uninterrupted. The basics of this bubble-popper remain the same: Pop the same-colored bubbles to rescue babies from the Evil Bubble Wizard, score big, earn stuff, and advance through the levels to attain bubble-popping mastery.

The Cat introduces Bubble Mania's improved interface, which has smoother graphics and animations than most free Android games. There are two shooting methods: Tap to Shoot, in which you tap your finger on the target, and Aim and Shoot, which is more challenging and realistic. The Settings show attention to detail. For example, a Color Blind Mode accommodates players who have difficulty distinguishing certain colors. As expected, the first level is easy enough for young children, but the next level unlocks very quickly. We definitely preferred the aiming method over tapping the target. It's more realistic, and you can bounce bubbles off of walls for high-value shots. As you win, you can increase your Energy, unlock Boosts, and get other enhancements. Bubble Mania has a better Help file than many Windows programs if you need to know more.

Bubble Mania's core gameplay hasn't changed in the latest version, but with new levels and a smoother look, there's fun here for those new to the game and those who've played before.

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