Review: Play Tube Free is a combination of music player and video search tool for iOS

Swap between music and video search for your iPhone in this easy-to-use app.

Play Tube Free is another third-party YouTube browsing tool, but it goes beyond what many others offer to incorporate built-in music search tools. From top lists for music videos currently on YouTube to a toggle search button to switch between video and music search on YouTube, this feels like a native music app and it runs very quickly and smoothly with an iOS 7-inspired interface.

When you load Play Tube Free for the first time, you can start searching right away. The main screen shows you top videos like Charlie Bit My Finger, but from there you can customize by logging in (though logging in is not required), creating your own playlists, or searching through top lists provided by YouTube of the songs currently on the site. You can also tap the search box at any time to switch between music and video search and the entire interface will switch to match -- a very cool and very useful feature from a third-party app. You can also save any of the songs you find to playlists and of course interact with them however you want if you're logged in. It is ad-supported, but the ads are out of the way and never interrupt video playback, which was fast and smooth.

Play Tube Free is a great YouTube app because it doesn't get in its own way to slow things down. As a result, you'll have a blast searching through top music lists and finding new songs to play.

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