Review: Pics Mix pulls from your library to mix and match photos on iOS

Slide photos to create clever, mixed-up images on your phone.

PicsMix allows you to combine different pieces of up to three images to create mix and match photos. It's a bit limited it what it can do, but with the right images it can be fun to mix and match different torsos, heads, and legs and share the resulting images with friends on social networks.

When you load up the app for the first time it will have a number of images already loaded into the rotation -- including a couple of people and some monsters of various sizes. You can then add new photos by taking a photo with your camera or choosing one from your library. While any image can be dropped into the rotation, the ones that look best are lined up to the distance and scale of the original images in the app. This isn't necessarily easy to do, but when you get it lined up perfectly, you'll have some pretty funny resulting photos. We imagine Halloween costumes would look particularly funny in this app.

Pics Mix is a novelty. It doesn't provide any advanced filtering, guides for lining up your images, or other tools to make the final images you create look like anything more than funny diversions. But it can be amusing and it is free, so the app performs as indicated in the developer's description and is worth a download for anyone that is amused by this kind of photo mix and match app.

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