Review: MultiSnap combines camera and note-taking apps into a single interface

Take and store images directly to Evernote with this clever iOS app.

MultiSnap provides a number of tools for taking and storing photos on your device or in the cloud. With built-in Evernote connection and a number of other useful features to keep your images accessible, the app has potential to be a very useful tool. It's unfortunate, then, that MultiSnap provides so little guidance in how to use the app and is generally so messy.

When you first open MultiSnap you'll be prompted to log in to your Evernote Account. While not necessarily an Evernote app, most of the tools in MultiSnap require you to be logged in. Once you log in, you can choose how the app will work, when the photos will be stored, how notebooks are created and then connected to the app, and so on. The problem is that the app never tells you any of this. It's onscreen, but with no guidance and with so few clearly labeled options onscreen, you're never quite sure what you're doing or why. The options menu offers a number of ways to customize MultiSnap and while the functions all work well and this app allows you to do some cool things in saving your photos automatically to Evernote, the lack of direction, unclear labeling, and clunky, cluttered interface are all issues.

If you're looking for a streamlined tool to save your pics, this isn't it. But if you don't mind investing some time on the front end, and aren't picky about layout and design, MultiSnap is a free app that has quite a bit on offer.

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