Review: Keep Safe is a clean, easy-to-use hidden photo storage app for iPhone

Keep private photos safe in this sleek, no-frills vault app.

Keep Safe strips out the ads, busy menus, and excess features to offer a clean, easy-to-use, and very fast hidden storage app for your iPhone. Because of this, it immediately trumps the majority of apps in this category, offering something without any gimmicks or tricks for hiding your images -- just a PIN number and hidden folders. More importantly it includes vital features that many other vault apps leave out, such as restoration and sharing tools.

When you open Keep Safe for the first time you are prompted to create a PIN number for the app, and then asked if you want a recovery e-mail address attached. Many apps don't offer this option. If you forget your PIN, you'll never be able to get back into those photos. Here, at least, you have a backup plan if you choose to use it. When you log in, you can load images from your library or take new ones to add them to your private photo roll. You can create folders in which to store them, and best of all, you can move any one photo back to your normal "unhidden" folders or share it with someone directly from the app. The interface here is fantastic and allows you to work with your photos all the ways you'd expect and without any of the headaches of other apps.

If you need a hidden photo app for your iPhone, Keep Safe is the one you should download. It's clean, it's easy to use, and it's fast. On top of everything else, it's free without any ad support to slow down performance or get in the way of your photos.

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