Review: Human-to-Cat Translator plays back random cat sounds

Create cat sounds with your phone either with the translate tool or the playback buttons.

Human-to-Cat Translator allows you to record your voice and play back any number of random cat sounds or play the cat sounds, manually, on your phone. The result will vary in its amusement factor depending on who is listening and how often it is used; but the cat sounds are varied and there are a lot of them, so if the joke plays well or if your cats enjoy it, this app could be a fun addition to your iPhone.

When you load up Human-to-Cat Translator, you get a telling warning. If the app drives your cats too nuts, use it only to annoy your friends. The developers seem to know the impact the app will have and it's no wonder because when you look at the number of buttons here, the sounds they make, plus the duration of some of the translations, it could get a bit grating. That's a good thing, though, because it means the app works as intended and offers enough options to mimic a range of cat sounds. Combined with plenty of sound options, unlockable additions, automated translations with the record button (It just plays random sounds, but it's a fun exercise!), and more, the app does a good job of offering a nice array of options in a tongue-in-cheek package.

Human-to-Cat Translator is free and it reminds you of that with the frequent ad pop-ups and reminders to upgrade; but you can use it without issue in the free iteration. If you are amused at the idea of playing cat sounds from your phone, this app could be for you.

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